Investment Process

Every client has a different financial circumstance that requires it's own unique approach. While each client solution is customized, we follow a defined process to arrive at the appropriate investment strategy:

  1. Analysis of Goals and Objectives
  2. Determine Asset Allocation
  3. Implement Portfolio
  4. Monitor, Rebalance, Report

Analysis of Goals and Objectives

We begin with an in-depth analysis of your financial needs, as well as your short-term and long-term goals. We will utilize this information to assess your risk tolerance, and to help you define reasonable and realistic investment objectives.

Determine Asset Allocation

Based on the investment objectives and risk tolerance defined in Step One, we will recommend an asset allocation strategy conducive to meeting your unique needs and goals. 

We also take this time to determine if any client specific-specific adjustments need to be made due to the presence of legacy investments, speical tax siutations, cash reserve needs, or any othr unique factors.


We will implement the JBJ Invest portfolio in the most tax-efficient and low-cost manner possible. Our approach will be based on the account type, liquidity needs, and tax consequences associated with the transition. 

Monitor, Rebalance, Report

Once invested, we will continually monitor your portfolio to ensure you are positioned to meet your investment objectives. When appropriate, we will rebalance the portfolio to return to your optimal target allocation. Portfolio performance can be reviewed anytime through your personalized JBJ Client Portal, which is updated daily.